Capturing a moment is no easy task, and this is doubly so for a photographer trying to recreate what he sees with the naked eye through the camera’s lens. I am a dabbler into this art and challenge, seeking to find how to represent what I experience and feel the seconds before the shutter releases.

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a selection of photographs

all works © Ian Hameroff. all rights reserved. no reproduction of any kind without prior written permission.

"A Black Bird"

A majestic bird of flight capable of three times the speed of sound captured in black and white in January 2014.

Photograph was selected for 2015 Microsoft Employee Art Exhibition

"Mini Type 2"

Reflections of the past chases of big waves, but on a miniature scale, captured in September 2013.

Photograph was selected for 2014 Microsoft Employee Art Exhibition

"Glowing Bulb"

The dimly lit alley is brought to life by the orange electric glow from this lone bulb hanging across the way, captured in December 2014.

"Portico Ceiling"

Climb the concrete steps to the entry of the Legislative Building of the Washington State Capitol, look up and see the amazing detail of the portico ceiling, captured in August 2014.


Dreams are not made whole in a place like Alcatraz, captured in April 2015.

Photograph was selected for 2016 Microsoft Employee Art Exhibition

"Sunset Over Pu'u Huluhulu"

The sun sets seemingly yards away from the Pu’u Huluhulu along the famous Saddle Road, captured in February 2015.

"Chihuly on Black"

An amazing explosion of oranges and yellows, frozen in time and captured in glass, captured in December 2016.

a sampling of installations and exhibitions