Patterns in PDX by Ian Hameroff

The recent Labor Day holiday afforded us an opportunity to sneak south to our Cascadia neighbor for a long weekend. Only a few hours away by car--or a few extra when traveling with a 9-month old--Portland offered an opportunity to take out my trusty FUJIFILM X-T2 and capture a bunch of exposures.

Always looking for ways to catalyze creativity when on a photographic walkabout, I set off looking for "interesting" patterns in the buildings, facades, and environs of the downtown. Like most such endeavors, you start off slow, tentatively releasing the shutter once or twice, but then chimping repeatedly to see if there's anything in what you've shot. Fortunately, between going bananas photographing my daughter and finally getting a chance to air out my FUJINON XF50-140mm F/2.8 lens meant it didn't take long to get going.

Here are a few samples of the exposures captured during this excursion.

"Curtain" - An onimous scene is cast upon the hotel room window by this quasi-transparent cloth.

"Curved" - Downtown PDX buildings can create the illusion that diamonds turn into oblong shapes.
Armor Plates
"Armor Plates" - Places along Willamette River waterfront presents interesting subjects.

In and Out
"In and Out" - Portland parking places presents photographic possibilities.

"Mirrored" - Sometimes the object you seek is hidden in another.

Shadows and Steel
"Shadows and Steel" - Beneath one of the many steel structures that gives Bridgetown its nickname.

"Ruled" - Modern buildings are lined (or ruled) from bottom to top.

You can see the rest of these in a (mostly) black and white series on my portfolio site.



SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Photography Exhibition on September 14th! by Ian Hameroff

I'm pumped to announce and share details about an upcoming exhibition of my photography on Friday, September 14, 2018.

This exhibition will feature a selection of 15 or so exposures I captured during shoots in Seattle, Vancouver, Hawai'i, San Francisco, Montreal, Florida, Austraila, and Brazil. I've grouped these photographs under the theme "On Black and Blue". More on that in a moment.

This exhibit will take place at Stretch and Staple--an awesome Greenwood neighborhood professional photography gallery and canvas printing company--as part of the September "Art Up PhinneyWood" art walk.


This event marks the first show of my work in more than 2 years. The last one was the 2016 Microsoft Art Collection Employee Art Exhibition where my photograph "Broken" was one of 29 artwork pieces shown out of nearly a 100 submissions from Microsoft employees around the Puget Sound.

With this being my first exhibition of more than just one photograph, I spent a bunch of time trying to think through a theme to help make my "curation" a little easier (or, at least make the exhibit a bit more organized vs. random). Working off a portfolio of more than 2,000 photographs (some okay and some great) it's super important to have some kind of game plan. 

I chose "On Black and Blue" based on two factors.

First, there's been a recent set of black and white (and, sepia) exposures I've assembled that I've really, really love. Not to be narcissistic or anything, it is just that I truly enjoyed looking at these photographs...and I was also fortunate to receive lots of positive feedback from others.

For example, this shot below (titled "A Tavern View") was captured while my oldest friend was visiting us here in Seattle last summer. We happened to stop at a downtown Seattle pub for some lunch while I was taking him around for some sightseeing. I captured this shot with my trusty FUJIFILM X-T2 (did a little work in Adobe Lightroom) from the table while we waited for our burgers and brews:

A Tavern View

Second, I've always had this fascination with taking singular objects or subjects, and capturing them on the deep (and sometimes not so) blue sky. While oft a rare sight here in the PNW, you do get some neat views like this one from 2009 outside of our city's famous Pike Market Place:


So, for this show, I married the two "concepts" and it's hopefully something you'd find engaging, as well.

Here are the specific details of the event:

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And, to stay up-to-date on this event, as well as all things related to my photography, just follow my new @HameroffPhoto Twitter. I'll keep posting updates over the coming weeks as we get closer.

See you on September 14th!