Metal print

October Exhibit Tripleheader by Ian Hameroff

October 2019 is turning into quite the action-packed month for Ian Hameroff Photo! Starting next week, I will have three concurrent exhibits across the greater Seattle area. It’s a super awesome, humbling, and crazy time.

In addition to the two displays underway in the PhinneyWood neighborhood of Seattle, I have been selected as the October featured artist at the West Seattle branch of Verity Credit Union.

West Seattle Branch of Verity Credit Union

Kicking off at 5p on Thursday, October 10th—as part of the festivities for the October West Seattle Art Walk—this latest exhibit shall feature a sampling of my work across several mediums: metal, acrylic, and canvas prints, along with traditional framed and matted photographic prints.


I stopped by the West Seattle branch earlier this week to scope out the setup. After my walkthrough, I decided to curate a selection of captured exposures, grouped together into four, themed sets:

  • “Blue Backed” - If I have a “style”, one of them would certainly be my love of capturing common objects and bits of architecture set against the clearest, purest of blue skies. You can see examples of these all across my portfolio site. The Verity CU exhibit will offer attendees the chance to see one of my personal favorites: “The Giant Chance”. This exposure will be on shown as a giant, 36 x 24 inch metal print.

  • ”Monochromes” - Working in black & white, silver tones, sepia, et al could be considered rather pedestrian or predictable creative photography. But, when done well, the contrasts and image depth can be stunning. For this grouping, I’ve pulled a few items from my back catalog—including “A Black Bird” (framed print circa 2014 and previously selected for the Microsoft Employee Art Exhibition)—and a brand new acrylic print of an exposure captured in Hawai’i in 2016.

  • ”Sunsets” - I’ve decided to expand on the “Greenwood Sunset” print I had at my exhibit in July at the Nutty Squirrel Magnolia. I produced a few new framed and matted prints of sunsets, including this all-time favorite of mine, “Sunset Over Pu'u Huluhulu”.

  • “Metal Postcards” - As a special treat for those who will attend the art walk event on October 10th, I am bringing along ten 4 x 6 inch metal prints (or, postcards) of some of my “fan favorites” produced in monochrome and sepia tones. These will only be on display during the hours of the event.

Verity CU is hosting my work (sans the “Metal Postcards”) for the whole month of October, so don’t fret if you can’t make the October 10th event. You may not want to miss it, as Nick (one of the many fantastic West Seattle branch member consultants) reminded me, there will be lots of refreshments and fun. Rain or shine!

Curating a selection of exposures for the Verity CU exhibit

To recap the three Ian Hameroff Photo exhibits on for the month of October:

  • Sky Light 2 (Canvas Print) on exhibit as part of the Phinney Center Art Gallery show “The Healing Power of Art” is on through October 18th. You can read more about my featured photograph here.

  • “Exposed Metal.” - This exhibit features six selections from my metal prints collection captured from around the northwest, and the world. It is on display until the end of October at the Phinney Ridge location of Seattle’s favorite artisanal gelato shop, the Nutty Squirrel.

  • Verity Credit Union West Seattle Branch - Officially kicking off during the October West Seattle Art Walk on October 10th, but continuing to be on display during normal business hours until the end of the month.

Here’s hoping to see you at one (or more!) of these sites.

Sweet Tooth Show - Select PNW Exposures on Display at the Nutty Squirrel in Magnolia by Ian Hameroff

Starting today, a selection of some of my most popular photographs will have an opportunity to be your proverbial cherry on top of a wonderful, sweet treat sojourn to the PNW’s very own Nutty Squirrel Gelato shop in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

This award-winning proprietor of “expertly crafted...local-centric Italian ice cream” also extends their hometown artisanal flavor (see what I did there?) by welcoming in featured local artists to exhibit in their locations. I was fortunate enough—thanks to my long-time friend and fellow visual artist Sydney Davis—to be invited to hang a number of my exposures in one of their four locations for the month of August.

Building off my successful show—“On Black and Blue”—last Fall at Stretch and Staple, but sticking to a more local(ish) theme, I tapped into my catalog to put on offer exposures I’ve captured in the PNW.

All wrapped and stacked for the journey to Magnolia.

As I shared in my “about the artist” placard displayed at the Nutty Squirrel:

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) offers an amazing array of subjects, from natural beauty, to signature architecture, to even the most common place objects. This exhibit features selections from across the PNW, captured during the period of 2009-2017.

PNW exposures hung up around the awesome Magnolia Nutty Squirrel Gelato shop, as known as “Nutty HQ”

I am also using a mixture of media: a number of canvas prints, a few metal prints (which really make things pop!), and a couple of prints I matted and framed.

Canvas prints. Metal prints. Framed prints. And, a bag full of tricks to get them all up on the windowed walls of the gelato shop.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the exposures you’ll see if you swing by:

  • Portico Ceiling (24” x 16” Canvas print) - I captured this exposure while visiting the Washington State Capitol in Olympia, WA in August 2014. I personally love this shot. It’s a great reminder that the best view may not be the most obvious one or right in front of you. In this case, you’d need to look straight up as you stood outside the entrance of our state’s Legislative Building. The depth and detail can really draw you into the photograph.

  • Pike (18” x 12” Metal print) – Capture in 2009 at the Pike Place Market, and is part of a larger series of nighttime neon signs I photographed. On the advice of the guys at Stretch and Staple, I printed this one on metal, and boy does it make it pop! The blues and reds stand out, and the subtle reflection gives it a three-dimensional feel.

  • Greenwood Sunset (10” x 8” Framed print) – A more recent print of an exposure captured whilst looking off the back side of our house in 2013. I printed these on luster photo paper that added a bit of relief to the image. The texture combined with the colors makes it almost appear to be an oil painting. I paired this one with a similar shot from a different time of day to show off the natural beauty of the PNW.

These three along with the rest of my displayed works are available for purchase.

If you find yourself in “the Village”—as Magnolia’s business district is know to the locals—please do swing by and let me know what you think. You can find the Nutty Squirrel at: 2425 33rd Ave W Unit: B, Seattle, WA 98199